About Our Company

AirCore, Inc. is an innovative product design and development company that specializes in cookware. With many years of manufacturing, engineering, marketing and designing experience, AirCore Inc. has established itself as an industry leader, developing numerous patented products that have been sold to various retailers worldwide.

AirCore, Inc. invented and patented an unique technology of thermal cooking. This technology was implanted in its products, hence the Walkaway Cookware was born.  The introduction of the cutting edge AirCore Walkaway Cookware to the world was a huge success. AirCore truly established its brand presence with this product and became a familiar As Seen on TV household name.

Currently, AirCore, Inc. has spent years redeveloping the walkaway cookware product line, improving its features and implementing new technology. By combining new state-of-the-art engineering techniques with higher grade materials, AirCore, Inc. has reinvented its products and will take cookware to a new level.